Clear Communication

That Inspires Action 

People appreciate a conversational tone. They need an expert to translate jargon into simple terms. They deserve health information that's
written at a level they can understand and act on.   

Let's work together. 

Plain Language Writer

I've been practicing the art of making things simple since I was a little girl. I never wanted to be accused of taking the easy way out. My dad would see my frustration, and he would say to me, "Make it easy on yourself." 


Everything is simple if you break it into simple chunks.


As an intern at Health Literacy Media, I learned from the best. There are rules to clear communication. When they're broken, it's hard for people to find what they need. Materials that are easy to find and understand empower people to take action.



I've been a pharmacist for 14 years. 

When I worked in Wisconsin, we had mandatory counseling. That meant that every person who walked up to my pharmacy counter spoke to a pharmacist. That also meant that I got a lot of practice summarizing complicated drug information into bite-sized chunks.

As a long-term care pharmacist in Florida, I spend hours of my day faxing prescribers for clarification on the orders they write. If prescribers don't understand my questions, people don't get what they need. 

Experienced Pharmacist
Health Literacy Advocate

The strength of health literacy lies in its power to make words actionable. When someone can find your words, understand them, and use them to improve their health, you've made a difference.


Let's create content that makes it easy for people to make healthy decisions. 


About Me:

Pharmacy experience: 

  • Aspen RxHealth
    Medication therapy management pharmacist

  • Guardian Pharmacy
    Long-term care pharmacist

  • Target Pharmacy
    Community pharmacist

  • University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
    Clinical intern (neurosurgery, psychiatry, cardiology, transplant, orthopedics and rehabilitation)


Writing experience:

  • University of Chicago 
    Certificate in medical writing and editing

  • Health Literacy Media
    Health literacy intern

  • Krause Publications
    Associate book editor 
    Instructional craft books

  • Appleton Post Crescent
    Prep sports writer



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